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For the past five years we have witnessed the return of famine and the deliberate and systematic use of starvation as a method of warfare in today's armed conflicts, both against civilian populations, as well as against humanitarian aid workers who are targeted or otherwise prevented from accessing those most in need. The conflicts in Ukraine, Tigray, Syria, South Sudan and Yemen, to name just a few, reveal the devaluing of human life and the erosion of international laws and norms which protect civilians in conflict.

There is an urgent need to increase literacy around the notion of starvation violations - across a range of sectors – from police, immigration departments, journalists, courts and tribunals, investigators and across humanitarian agencies. It is critical we are able to identify this violation and call it out loudly when we see or suspect it.

Our bespoke starvation training modules provide the most up-to-date guidance on the international law of starvation as well as specialised guidance on the investigation of man-made starvation for a variety of practitioners interested in monitoring, investigating or reporting on, access violations or starvation violations. The modules rely upon GRC's unique Starvation Training Manual. In its second edition, the Starvation Training Manual has been revised and updated with new sections on international human rights law and IHL and with contributions from international experts on open-source investigations (OSINT)and international sanctions as they relate to starvation.

All training participants receive a manual free of cost.


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