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What are the challenges and cultural sway for black and ethnic diversity in the 21st Century Photography world today. Part of series of talks related to the influence and impact of the still photograph.


  • Carol Allen-Storey (Photojournalist at http://www.castorey.com)

    Carol Allen-Storey

    Photojournalist at http://www.castorey.com


    Award-winning photojournalist

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  • Jennie Ricketts (Photography Gallery Owner at jenniericketts.com)

    Jennie Ricketts

    Photography Gallery Owner at jenniericketts.com


    Jennie Ricketts is a photography editor, curator, consultant and mentor. She is a former Picture Editor of The Observer Magazine,where she worked for seventeen years

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  • Polly Irungu (Founder of Black Women photographers)

    Polly Irungu

    Founder of Black Women photographers


    Polly Irungu is a multi-media journalist and founder of Black Women Photographers, a global community and on-line database of Black Women and non-binary photographers.

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  • Song Chong (Professor of Photography at NYU)

    Song Chong

    Professor of Photography at NYU

    Song Chong PhD - Curator | Professor of Photography and Theory at NYU & The New School. Guest Lecturer at Fordham University Trustee at the Martin Parr Foundation

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  • Jermaine Francis (Photographer)

    Jermaine Francis


    Jermaine Francis, a London based photographer who works within discourse of the document & portraiture, in the format of personal driven Photo projects & Editorial

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