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This one-day workshop will inspire participants to think about storytelling from a film-editor's perspective.

How can you create the most effective narrative from your raw material? What should you be concentrating on when building your story?

We will look at theoretical approaches and how to apply practical tips and tricks. We'll also watch scenes from documentaries, films and news pieces to illustrate and discuss effective and stale storytelling.

• How and why does editing work?

• A quick look at the history of film editing theory and techniques

• How the audience tells your story

• Emotion

• Setting objectives / Reviewing your material / Organising your edit

• Building or reducing?

• Overarching narrative and Ockham's razor

• Why you should never start at the beginning

• How to escape your 'eye-cage'

• Feeding your instant gratification monkey

• The good, the bad and the ugly edit

• Failure and synchronicity

• Reading body language

• Rhythm

• Misdirection and perceptual blindness

• Soundscaping


  • Simon Ruben (Producer/Director of Artemis)

    Simon Ruben

    Producer/Director of Artemis

    Simon Ruben is a UK based producer/director, offline editor, and film trainer, with 17 years experience in documentaries, commercials, drama, corporate, social and branded content.
    Over the last fourteen years, Simon has taught hundreds of organisations and individuals in camera, editing, and creative conceptual courses.

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