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Dear Future Children explores how three young women in Hong Kong, Chile and Uganda cope with the staggering personal impact of their political activism. A film about the next generation, made by the next generation.

With global protests on the rise, Dear Future Children is a film about the new generation at the heart of this seismic political shift. We will watch as Rayen protests for social justice in Chile, Pepper fights for democracy in Hong Kong and Hilda battles the devastating consequences of climate change in Uganda. Facing almost impossible odds and grappling with the staggering impact of their activism on their personal lives, we will be asking these three young women why they keep fighting.

The screening will be followed by a 30 minute Q&A with the films director, Franz Bohm.



  • Luke de Pulford (MODERATOR: Co-Founder and Director of Arise Foundation)

    Luke de Pulford

    MODERATOR: Co-Founder and Director of Arise Foundation

    Luke is a human rights campaigner, particularly in the areas of modern slavery and human rights abuses in China.
    He is Director of Arise, an anti-slavery charity co-founded with John Studzinski CBE in 2015. He is also the creator and coordinator of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC), co-founder of the Coalition for Genocide Response and sits as a Commissioner on the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission.

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  • Franz Bohm (Director)

    Franz Bohm


    Franz Böhm is a filmmaker originally from Stuttgart, Germany. At 16, after working his way up to first Assistant Director, he made his first solo film "Harmonie der Anderen". Franz' next project found him living with youth experiencing homelessness, the resulting documentary, "Christmas Wishes", was selected as the opening film for the German Youth Film Awards. Franz then directed the short drama "Good Luck" which premiered at the British Independent Film Festival. Following his work for the National Film & Television School and the documentary production company, 1185 Films, Franz is currently developing new projects in London. DEAR FUTURE CHILDREN is his debut feature film.

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  • Glacier Kwong (Political and Digital Rights Activist)

    Glacier Kwong

    Political and Digital Rights Activist

    Glacier Kwong is a political and digital rights activist born and raised in Hong Kong. She is now pursuing her PhD in Law in the University of Hamburg, her researches focuses on data protection, surveillance in Hong Kong and China. She has been an active political activist in Hong Kong since 2012 and has written in press and media commenting on the political and digital rights issues in Hong Kong. She is now regularly writing for Apple Daily in Hong Kong, and Welt am Sonntag in Germany as a columnist.

    Glacier attended "Umbrella Revolution" in autumn of 2014 where she recorded a short video calling for international assistance and uploaded it to the social media, where the video clip gathered over a millions views. She also supported the movement Youngspiration, that was created after the end of the Umbrella Revolution to fight for seats in Legislation Council's elections.

    Glacier founded Keyboard Frontline, where she advocated for Human rights on the Web and travelled with Joshua Wong to find support for Hong Kong pro-democracy movement as well as explain causes of massive demonstrations in Hong Kong in 2019. She said in a press conference in Berlin that she asked German and European Union governments to stop supplying police equipment to Hong Kong because all have to observe human rights.

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  • Catherine Li (Artist/Activist)

    Catherine Li


    Catherine Li is an independent artist-activist born and raised in Hong Kong. As a performer and a MA Theatre degree holder at King’s College London, she strives to raise awareness abroad for Hong Kong via arts and music. She also advocates for the rights of the Hong Kong diaspora and the oppression of CCP within and outside UK, as a self-exiled activist on both community and international levels. Her recent activities include competing with a self-styled Hong Kong protester outfit in Top Model UK 2020, busking on London streets to share the struggles of Hong Kongers, attending meetings with policymakers in UK and Europe, displaying artwork and performing music in a Hong Kong themed exhibition in Prague, Czech Republic.

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