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"If your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough"

Why do we photograph conflicts, wars and revolutions? What are the motivations to do so? What are their real-world impacts?

Since its conception, photography has been used to communicate both truth and mistruths about conflicts around the world. Often, photographic images will influence how we view a war. Used to document, provoke or elicit a reaction from the viewer, it is undeniably a powerful tool in capturing conflict.

Join our panelists as they display, discuss and contextualise six thought-provoking images from pioneers and the future of conflict photography.

This event is hosted in partnership with Messums, a leading multi-purpose gallery and arts centre which offers artists and collectors a unique environment to experience and engage with.


  • Moderator: Julian Stallabrass (Professor at The Courtauld)

    Moderator: Julian Stallabrass

    Professor at The Courtauld

    Julian Stallabrass is a writer, photographer, broadcaster, curator and lecturer. He is Professor in art history at the Courtauld Institute of Art, and is the author of Killing for Show: Photography, War and the Media in Vietnam and Iraq, Rowman and Littlefield, 2020; A Very Short Introduction to Contemporary Art, updated edition, Oxford University Press 2020; Internet Art: The Online Clash Between Culture and Commerce, Tate Publishing, London 2003; Paris Pictured, Royal Academy of Arts, London 2002; High Art Lite: British Art in the 1990s, Verso, London 1999 and Gargantua: Manufactured Mass Culture, Verso, London 1996; he is the co-editor of Ground Control: Technology and Utopia, Black Dog Publishing, London 1997, Occupational Hazard: Critical Writing on Recent British Art, Black Dog Publishing, London 1998, and Locus Solus: Technology, Identity and Site in Contemporary Art, Black Dog Publishing, London 1999. He has written art criticism regularly for publications which include the London Review of Books, Art Monthly and the New Statesman. He is an editorial board member of New Left Review. He curated the 2008 Brighton Photo Biennial, ‘Memory of Fire: Images of War and the War of Images’. In 2013 his edited reader Documentary for the MIT/ Whitechapel Documents of Contemporary Art appeared; also his edited book based on the Brighton Biennial, Memory of Fire, published by Photoworks, Brighton. He has also made online TV programmes about aspects of modern and contemporary art for Tariq Ali TV in the series ‘Rear Window’.

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  • Giles Duley (Photographer and Writer)

    Giles Duley

    Photographer and Writer

    Giles Duley is a photographer, writer and presenter, born in 1971 in London. His work focuses on the long-term humanitarian impact of conflict.
    Starting his carer as a music photographer, Duley worked with the likes of Mariah Carey, Oasis and Lenny Kravitz for publications including Q, Vogue, Sunday Times and Elle. In 2000 his image of Marilyn Manson was voted amongst the 100 greatest rock photographs of all time.
    In 2004 Duley changed his focus to documentary work, partnering with well-respected charities such as HI (Humanity and Inclusion), EMERGENCY, Save the Children and UNHCR to highlight lesser-known stories deserving of public attention and action. Although documenting challenging, and at times, horrific situations, Giles captures the strength of those who fight adversity rather than succumb. His photographs draw the viewer to the subject, creating intimacy and empathy for lives differing from ours only in circumstance.
    His work has taken him to Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, DR Congo, Angola, Bangladesh, Kenya, Ukraine, Jordan, Lebanon, Colombia, Vietnam and Nigeria among others.
    In 2015 he started his Legacy of War project, which looks to explore common themes of conflict. A core part of the project is collaborations with other artists and writers to reach a wider audience. These collaborations have included the musicians Massive Attack and PJ Harvey.
    In 2011, whilst working in Afghanistan, Duley was severely injured by an IED. As a result of his injuries he is a triple-amputee. In 2012 he returned to Afghanistan to continue his work as a photographer.
    Duley is also CEO and Founder of the NGO Legacy of War Foundation and is a campaigner for the rights of both refugees and those living with disability caused by conflict.
    In 2017 the Sunday Times included him in their Alternative Rich List, for those who are ‘rich in experience, rich is spirit, rich in life….’ In the list Natasha Kaplinsky said of Duley “Even catastrophic injury has not stopped him doing what he feels he should be doing with his life.”
    In 2019 he was awarded the prestigious Amnesty Media Award for Photojournalism.

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  • Laura El-Tantawy (Photographer)

    Laura El-Tantawy


    Laura El-Tantawy is an award winning British/Egyptian documentary photographer, artful book maker & mentor. She is a Canon Ambassador, representing the global camera giant’s vision & passion for visual storytelling.

    Born in Ronskwood in Worcestershire, UK, Laura studied in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the US & UK. Living between East and West for much of her life inspires her work, which contemplates notions of home & belonging through exploring social & environmental issues pertinent to her background. Her photography is recognised for its characteristically painterly & lyrical eye on reality.

    Laura started her career as a newspaper photographer in the United States. She turned freelance in 2005, moving to Cairo and starting what became her seminal body of work In the Shadow of the Pyramids.

    Laura is the first Egyptian to be awarded the prestigious W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund award, which she received for her long-term series I’ll Die For You. The award honours photographers whose work follows the tradition of W. Eugene Smith's humanistic photography & dedicated compassion. In 2016, she was among the four artists nominated for the prestigious Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize, awarded annually to a photographer who made the most significant contribution to the photographic medium in Europe during the past year. Her work has been published in The New Yorker, Afar, Le Monde, Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, Time, New York Times, Huck & Foam.

    In 2020, Laura joined Canon’s global Ambassador Programme. Joining a global roster of more than 100 visual professionals, she represents the future of visual storytelling, Canon's unique brand & “its silent heroes — the staff & visionary engineers who make my work possible” she said.

    Laura prides herself on her independent identity as a visual creative. Her goal as an artist is to produce socially engaged, unique and thought-provoking work. She often collaborates with like-minded individuals, institutions & organisations driven to inform responsibly, contribute positive change to the world & encourage stimulating thought & creativity.

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  • Alixandra Fazzina (Photographer and Author at Noorimages)

    Alixandra Fazzina

    Photographer and Author at Noorimages

    A photographer and Author, Alixandra Fazzina’s work focuses on under-reported conflicts and the often forgotten humanitarian consequences of war.
    Alixandra (UK- 1974) is known for her in-depth investigative reporting and uncanny ability to work in the most difficult social and geographical environments. Recognised for her compassionate and empathetic approach towards the human condition, she often spends prolonged periods in the countries and regions where she works.
    Studying Fine Art, Alixandra Fazzina began her career as a war artist in Bosnia. Going on to work as a frontline news photographer for the press she has since worked independently throughout Africa, the Middle East and Asia.
    Alixandra Fazzina’s book “A Million Shillings; Escape from Somalia” (Trolley Books English 2010/ Arabic 2011) follows the often deadly journey on people smuggling routes from the Horn of Africa. It was shortlisted for the Prix Pictet, and for humanitarian, photography and book awards.
    In 2010, Alixandra was recognised as the winner of the highly prestigious UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award for her striking coverage of the devastating human consequences of war.
    A co-owner and member of NOOR Images and the NOOR Foundation, her reportages have been published in books and across international titles and her photographs exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide.
    In addition to her photography and writing, Alixandra has worked as researcher and producer for broadcast media and is regular contributor for radio.
    Alixandra also teaches documentary photography. In addition to masterclasses, she regularly lectures at academic institutions worldwide, specialising in ethics and journalism and visualising migration.

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