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Wartime persecution and displacement leaves behind scars which are examined in the work of photojournalists and documentary photographers who have witnessed, exposed and testified to such ordeals. Forced displacement goes hand in hand with war and conflict, forcing people to flee from threats to their safety and security. Photographers have not only recorded their physical displacement. They have also conveyed through their stories and photographs the extent of the widespread and often permanent emotional and psychological trauma that these experiences leave behind.

Most recently, we have witnessed one of the largest exodus of people forced to leave their homes in Ukraine. The reverberations of this large-scale displacement can be felt globally, with millions of people's lives in limbo far from their homes in addition to the collective suffering of severe trauma and loss.

We have invited a group of distinguished photographers who, through their courage and skill, have been able to offer us a close documentation of this reality. Their accounts and photographs have contributed to an important body of documentation, as well as to a vital historical record and foundation for accountability. We are incredibly honoured to introduce you to our guest photographers, who will share their personal experiences in producing visual accounts surrounding conflict, displacement and trauma.

This event is co-organised with Photojournalism Hub and hosted at Frontline Club in Paddington.


  • Valentina Sinis (Photographer/Moderator)

    Valentina Sinis



    Valentina Sinis is a documentary photographer, based in China and the Middle East.
    Valentina’s projects gravitate toward the quirky and unusual, and portray offbeat realities and people on the margins, they show a deep bond with the subjects. Her photos are a thorough but delicate insight into idiosyncrasies, hidden meanings, and all those little gestures that are either taken for granted or sensationalized — but rarely investigated. Fluent in Chinese , she started by working for European Pressphoto Agency,EPA, in China. Her pictures have been published in major newspapers and magazines worldwide; TIME, The Guardian, La Repubblica, among others. Her works have been exhibited in Europe and China.
    Among the recognitions and awards, Valentina was selected as one of the 6X6 Europe Talents, by World Press Photo, 2019. The following year, Valentina was the winner of Female in Focus 2020 by British Journal of Photgraphy and she was recognised with the Award of Excellence for Issue Reporting Picture Story in POY 2021.

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  • Qintina Valero (Photographer)

    Qintina Valero


    Quintina Valero is a Spanish photographer with thirteen years’ experience developing and producing photo stories about human rights and humanitarian crises. Her latest projects about migration, sex trafficking, and the impact of Chernobyl’s nuclear accident have received international awards

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  • George Nickels (Photojournalist)

    George Nickels


    George Nickels is a freelance photojournalist and has been working in South East Asia and Europe since 2011. The primary focus of his work is covering social conflict and humanitarian issues. Currently based in the United Kingdom, he is a member of The Frontline Freelance Register. Born in Oxfordshire, England in 1982, he is a self-taught photographer, with work published in leading newspapers, magazines and media outlets worldwide.

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  • Ed Ram (Photjournalist)

    Ed Ram


    Ed Ram is an independent photojournalist and reporter based between London and Nairobi. Ed has directed and filmed BBC News and independent documentaries and is a former Senior Journalist at BBC News. Over the past five years, Ed has specialised in conflict, security and humanitarian stories across the world.

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  • Ines Gil (Photojournalist)

    Ines Gil


    Inès Gil is a French freelance journalist currently based in Lebanon, after having worked in Israel and the Palestinian territories for two years (Feb. 2018 to Apr. 2020). In August 2017, she travelled to Mosul to cover the developments in Iraq in the aftermath of the war against the so-called Islamic State. More recently, she covered the Beirut port explosion (August 2020) and the war over Nagorno-Karabakh (October 2020). She covered the situation in Afghanistan after the Taliban took power (November-December 2021). She has covered the war in Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion. Writer and passionate about photography, she works on several media supports.

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