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The story of western correspondents in Russia is the story of Russia's attitude to the west—now, since the start of the war in Ukraine, correspondents in the Russian capital are facing the biggest challenges in living memory: trying to work as journalists at a time when failing to parrot the Kremlin's propaganda could land you in jail for up to 15 years.

James Rodgers' book, Assignment Moscow: Reporting on Russia from Lenin to Putin, is a history of western correspondents' work in Russia from the revolutions of 1917 right up the Putin presidency—reporting on a country known to few outsiders, and now once again cut off from the West because of sanctions.

James, whose own first assignment to Moscow was in 1991, and who worked there for long periods in the 1990s and 2000s for both Reuters Television and the BBC, will be in conversation with Nanette van der Laan, senior producer from Channel 4 News, who has herself covered Russia for more than 30 years, and whose last reporting trip to Moscow was in March, just after the start of the war.

Signed copies of the book will be for sale at discount (cash or Paypal only).


  • James Rodgers (Author and Journalist)

    James Rodgers

    Author and Journalist

    James Rodgers’ first international assignment as a journalist was to Moscow in 1991, when he reported on what turned out to be the last summer of the Soviet Union. He subsequently reported on all the major stories from Russia—the wars in Chechnya and Georgia, the rise of Vladimir Putin— through the 1990s and up to 2009, when he completed a posting as the BBC correspondent in Moscow.
    Since leaving the BBC in 2010, James has published four books on war, journalism, and international affairs, the latest of which is Assignment Moscow: Reporting on Russia from Lenin to Putin. James now teaches Journalism at City, University of London and continues to write on Russia for a number of media outlets, most recently NBC Think, The New European, History Today, and Forbes.com.

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  • Nanette Van der Laan (Senior TV producer)

    Nanette Van der Laan

    Senior TV producer

    Nanette is a senior TV producer. She has worked for C4, ITV, NBC, BBC. Previously, she has been a foreign correspondent in Moscow, Warsaw, Paris & Washington DC.

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